Breathing issues

There are many reasons why people choose to strip with Breathe Right®. The main one? Breathing better. For some, it’s the nagging nighttime nasal congestion. For others, it’s nasal congestion from seasonal allergies that make certain times of year unbearable, or nasal congestion from environmental irritants that pollute the air every day.

The good news?

You can breathe easier, knowing that drug‑free Breathe Right nasal strips can help you breathe better—anytime, anywhere nasal congestion strikes.

Better breathing blockers

  • Nighttime nasal congestion

    Snoring and nighttime nasal congestion keeping you up all night? Better breathing means better sleep.

  • Allergies

    Nasal congestion caused by seasonal allergies can lead to difficulty breathing—making even the prettiest season feel frustrating.

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  • Colds

    Colds often cause nasal congestion. Breathe Right can help relieve that stuffy nose feeling.

  • Deviated septum

    From a stuffy nose to snoring, a deviated septum can lead to a variety of breathing issues.

  • Environmental allergens and irritants

    Whether it’s furry friends, perfumes, or smoke, nasal congestion caused by environmental irritants may lead to difficulty breathing through your nose.


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